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Analytic Fun

In keeping with Winnicott's belief in the importance of play, we welcome you to have some “Analytic Fun" with us! We believe that playing and creating can make us better therapists. Laughing, being silly, and enjoying life frees the parts of ourselves that can get stuck. As Winnicott said, “playing is itself a therapy”.


Please join us on this page as we offer, from time to time, some ways for our community to play and use creativity to engage with one another.

ASPP Presidents: Your Best Guess

Before they were ASPP presidents, 

they were...

young and unanalyzed.

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Please guess the identity of each former ASPP President*and email us at if you would like to check your results!

*Hint: The list of Past ASPP Presidents, found somewhere on this website, could be quite useful!

ASPP Online Community Poem; March 15, 2020

Last March, as we all began isolating during the pandemic, we looked for a way for our community to connect and share their thoughts and feelings about this unprecedented time. ASPP President, Megan Nolan, began with a beautiful thought and soon others added to our collective poem, which we share below:

 Today the feeling of togetherness seems so important on one level and yet hesitant on another.


Anxiety warns and threatens me, but isolation will not be the destination for my feelings.


The yearning to stay connected feels imperative, yet we isolate ourselves clinging to the illusion of safety. (Fran)

Cura Personalis is more important than ever, but stretched thinner and thinner…


The prospect of isolation reveals the essence of connecting.


As I pray the fates smile gently upon me, I sail into the foggy seas searching for the distant shore. 


What for now feels so wrong, will protect us throughout this fight. 

To nurture love from a distance, will nourish us well beyond this plight. 


As we flow together in spirit, our vulnerabilities feel supported, and a stronger connection awakens.


Or are we facing a primordial aloneness which relationships so easily mask and which we now can experience in its fullness?


A harsh reminder of valuable connections of love, of our fragility;

a slowing down to consider the waning of time.

(Fran N.)

Experience is the teacher that isolates reality from imagination.


Is there a silver lining in all this? A message perhaps? A reminder of sorts?

To open our eyes and see that we are all interconnected, must take care of each other.


The earth herself is breathing and sending flowers in the coming spring warmth. As we work to connect with each other in different ways during this terrifying crisis, let’s feel connection to the natural world as an additional precious support.


Reflect that we all exist in the unified field of consciousness -- our connection persists. 


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