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We are a welcoming community and hope that you will join us. Please read below for membership categories, how your membership dues are used, and how to join.

Our 2024 Membership Drive is currently underway....

Membership Categories:                            



Active Members are all candidates, graduates, supervisors, and current and retired faculty of any of the Postgraduate or Postdoctoral Training Programs in Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy, the Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Program, the Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy Program, the Couple Psychotherapy Program, the Group Psychotherapy Program, the Psychoanalytic Supervision Program,  the Psychodynamic School Psychology Program, the Trauma Treatment Program and the Licensing Qualifying Program in Psychoanalysis of the Gordon F. Derner School of Psychology at Adelphi University.

FREE for candidates who are taking classes: Joyce Bloom Candidate Membership

$100/year for Advanced Candidates and all others.


Affiliate Members are any current candidate, graduate or faculty member of any other postdoctoral or postgraduate psychoanalytic training program.



Associate Membership may be extended to anyone with an active professional mental health license who has an interest in psychoanalysis.


Out of the Area Membership is appropriate for all clinicians who live and practice outside of the New York Metro Area. These Members are psychodynamic clinicians who wish to take advantage of ASPP virtual events, be listed in the Private Practice Directory and who have an interest in psychoanalysis.



Supporting Membership is appropriate for non-clinicians and family members or friends of Members who have an interest in psychoanalysis and intent to support and promote the goals of the Society


Student Membership may be extended to any graduate student currently enrolled in a degree program that will lead to a clinical license or is psychodynamically oriented, such as an MSW, PsyD, PhD in Clinical Psychology, or Master's Program in MHC, MFT, or Art Therapy. 



Your membership dues help support:

An annual cycle of social events, including a Welcome Brunch for new and returning Candidates, a Winter gathering for ASPP members, a Last Day of Classes dinner, and an End of the Year Graduation celebration to honor graduates of the Adelphi Postgraduate Programs.

- A Series of Colloquia in conjunction with the Adelphi Postgraduate Programs, including our popular Meet the Author events.

- Our Candidate Mentoring Program, which helps new candidates navigate the postgraduate programs.


- The creation and dissemination of a biennial ASPP members-only Private Practice Directory booklet and an annual electronic directory which can be used to foster professional contacts.

- The creation of ASPP members-only Peer Supervision Groups.

- Psychoanalytic Salons during which members present recent papers.

*Most importantly, your dues support the vibrancy and longevity of our community!

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