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Candidate Mentoring Program

Candidate Mentoring Program

Our Candidate Mentoring Program launched the Fall of 2020 and is our newest initiative. This program connects an advanced candidate or a recent graduate with an incoming first year candidate. After an initial Meet and Greet to introduce all the incoming candidates to all the mentors, each mentor checks in with his or her mentee once a month to offer support and help the mentee navigate the multiple components of psychoanalytic training. Additionally, the Candidate Mentoring Program also serves as a means to keep Advanced Candidates and recent graduates connected to our community.


Currently we are offering this program to new candidates in both the One Year and Four Year Adult Postgraduate Training Programs as well as those in the License Qualifying Program in Psychoanalysis. We hope to expand candidate mentoring to all the Postgraduate programs in the future.

2022-2023 Academic Year

We are proud that the Candidate Mentoring Program is entering its third year. Again, we paired incoming candidates with seasoned candidates who are willing to help them navigate the many aspects of analytic training.


2021-2022 Academic Year

We continue our successful mentoring program for a second year. Many of last year's mentors are both continuing their relationship with last year's mentees as well as taking on a new first year mentee!

2020-2021 Academic Year

Our first year class is composed of nine candidates; four are entering the Adult Program, four are beginning the License Qualifying Program and one is a Postdoctoral Fellow. We welcome all and hope that our Mentors will help you become oriented to our programs and community.

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