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Social Events

ASPP believes it is vital to offer social events for our community to connect and engage with each other. Our professional practice at times can leave us feeing isolated or lonely. Our social events have historically included:


A Welcome Brunch is held at the beginning of the fall semester. At this event, new candidates and faculty are welcomed into our family and meet other candidates, faculty and the entire Post-Graduate community.


A Last Day of Classes Dinner to celebrate a successfully completed academic year.


An End of the Year Graduation Event & Garden Party is held in May. At this time, we recognize and celebrate the candidates that have recently graduated from the various Post-Graduate programs and enjoy each other's company.

Now that many classes are again meeting in-person, we are reviving the long-ago tradition of a quick "In-Between Classes Gathering" in the student lounge at Derner. We hope that candidates will enjoy this opportunity to get to know candidates from other cohorts.

"In-Between Classes Gathering" November 2023

We thank candidate Anne Kilarjian for planning a wonderful light meal for her fellow candidates and teaching faculty to start off the second quarter of courses.

Nov2023 Break
2023 Welcome Brunch

We celebrated the beginning of academic year 2023-2024 with a traditional ASPP Welcome Brunch on October 14th at the home of Elizabeth Sullivan and her husband, Chris. Although it was a cool and rainy day, we had a full house of candidates, faculty and supervisors. We hope that we made our new community members feel at home!

2023 Welcome Brunch

First Day of Classes, "In-Between Classes Gathering" September 2023

Candidates and teaching faculty enjoyed sandwiches and seltzer in between their two classes on September 20, 2023. ASPP secretary, Danielle Eisenberg, introduced the first year candidates to the workings of ASPP and gave each a welcome gift.

In Bwn Classes 9/2023

Graduation Garden Party 2023

On June 17th, 2023, ASPP held its annual Graduation and Garden Party in Garden City. Members of our community, both old and new, mingled, enjoyed delicious food and celebrated this year's graduates from each training program. ASPP President, Megan Nolan, was also honored for her many contributions to our analytic community!

2023 Garden Party Photos

Last Day of Classes Dinner 2023

This year's Last Day of Classes Dinner was held on May 17, 2023, close to campus at Uncle Baccala's Restaurant in Garden City Park. Candidates, faculty and program directors shared a wonderful meal and enjoyed each other's company. We also celebrated Dr. Ryan Lubbock's graduation from the Fellowship Program.