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Richard M. Billow, PhD, ABPP 
Tzachi Slonim, PhD, ABPP

Richard M. Billow's Selected Papers On Psychoanalysis and Group Process


This comprehensive volume presents Richard M. Billow’s unique contributions to the theory and technique of psychotherapy, along with summaries and explications by the volume’s editor, Tzachi Slonim. Through their behavior, therapists define the clinical culture: how relationships are to be regarded and the depth to which narratives and exchanges may be considered. Known for his integration of Bion’s metapsychology with contemporary psychoanalysis, Billow extends our understanding of "relational" to include the emotional relationships people have with individual and collective ideas, and the behaviors attached to these ideas. "Doing our work" (the title of the last section) involves the therapist’s whole being, including cognitions, dreams, words, deeds, and very presence―mental and somatic.


Richard M. Billow, Ph.D., ABPP is a clinical psychologist and holds postgraduate certificates in psychoanalysis and group psychotherapy. For many years he directed the Postgraduate Group Program at the Derner Institute, Adelphi University. He is the author of Relational Group Psychotherapy: From Basic Assumptions to Passion (2003), Resistance, Rebellion and Refusal: The 3 Rs (2010), and Developing Nuclear Ideas (2016). He is a clinical professor in the Postgraduate Program in Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy at Adelphi University, and practices in Great Neck, New York.

A complete listing of Dr. Billow's works may be found here.


Tzachi Slonim, Ph.D., ABPP studied philosophy in the critical rationalist tradition before becoming a clinical psychologist. He studied the philosophy of education in Israel, where he also studied group analysis, and participated in conflict resolution work. He maintains a private practice in New York City and is an adjunct professor at the Postgraduate Program in Group Psychotherapy at Adelphi University.

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