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ASPP currently supports Meet the Author Events, Social Events, the Candidate Mentoring Program, the ASPP Jackie Hott Memorial Book Club, a YouTube channel, a Member Private Practice Directory and a Quarterly Newsletter. 

Through these programs, our goal is to provide ongoing education on current topics in psychoanalysis, to keep our analytic community vibrant and connected and to support our candidates throughout their training.

Meet the Author Events


ASPP encourages its members to keep up with and be aware of current trends and topics in psychoanalysis and psychotherapy. In this spirit, we offer Meet the Author events. At these events, an author (often from our own faculty) presents his or her recently published book to our members in a casual format. The author may, for example, speak about his or her inspiration for the book or read an excerpt. A lively discussion then commences as we open up the floor to questions.

Social Events


ASPP believes it is vital to offer social events for our community to connect and engage with each other. Our professional practice at times can leave us feeing isolated or lonely. Our social events have historically included:


A Welcome Brunch is held at the beginning of the fall semester. At this event, new candidates and faculty are welcomed into our family and meet other candidates, faculty and the entire Postgraduate community.


A Holiday Party usually occurs in the Winter to celebrate our friendships and connections with good food, spirits and, if we are lucky, songs!

ASPP sponsors a Last Day of Classes Dinner in May. Candidates, Faculty and the program director all meet at a local restaurant after the last class of the year to mingle on a casual basis.


An End of the Year Graduation Event/Garden Party is held in May. At this time, we recognize and celebrate the candidates that have recently graduated from the various Postgraduate programs and mark the end of the academic year.

Candidate Mentoring Program


Our Candidate Mentoring Program launched the Fall of 2020 and is our newest initiative. This program connects an advanced candidate or a recent graduate with an incoming first year candidate. After an initial Meet and Greet to introduce all incoming candidates and all mentors, each mentor checks in with his or her mentee once a month to offer support and help the mentee navigate the multiple components of psychoanalytic training. Additionally, the Candidate Mentoring Program also serves as a means to keep Advanced Candidates and recent graduates connected to our community.


Currently we are offering this program to new candidates in both the One Year and Four Year Adult Postgraduate Training Programs as well as those in the License Qualifying Program in Psychoanalysis. We hope to expand candidate mentoring to all the Postgraduate programs in the future.

The ASPP Jackie Hott Memorial Book Club

The ASPP Jackie Hott Memorial Book Club is ASPP's longest continually running program. The book club meets throughout the year on Zoom or at the home of one of the members and includes a delicious potluck dinner. Although this group is currently meeting virtually, it is still successful in connecting members of our community as well as creating an insightful as well as friendly, discourse among the participants.

ASPP YouTube Channel

ASPP maintains a YouTube Channel on which we post videos of past Meet the Author events and other programming. Please visit our YouTube channel here.

ASPP Member Private Practice Directory

ASPP creates a Private Practice Directory that lists contact information, professional website, areas of specialization, and insurance panels for the practices of our members. The directory goes to print after our membership drive concludes each March. Print copies are mailed to every ASPP member.


A periodic newsletter is emailed to ASPP members. The newsletter includes recent and upcoming events, a message from ASPP officers, and allows members to share their personal and professional milestones.

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