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Dr. Richard Sternberg, PsyD, ABPP
By Reason Of Insanity: A Glimpse into the Lives and Minds of the Criminally Insane


This is an excellent book, a solid, well-written and very smart work. I couldn't put it down. It is superb. Dr. Sternberg is an excellent story-teller and a serious scholar, thinker and writer.

-Lewis Aron, PhD


This unique volume offers a rare glimpse into unfamiliar-in a sense, even, forbidden-territory for most psychoanalysts and other mental health professionals. The stories are fascinating and sensitively rendered; the writing is as crisp, accessible and compelling as a strong piece of fiction. I recommend this for anyone hungry to explore the darkest recesses of the human mind. I can state with certainty that I have never read anything like it.

-Steven Kuchuck, PhD

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Our author, Richard Sternberg, PsyD, ABPP, received his doctorate in clinical psychology from Long Island University/CW Post in 1995. He received a postdoctoral certificate in psychoanalysis and psychotherapy from Adelphi University's Derner Institute of Advanced Psychological studies in 2004. Currently an adjunct professor of psychology at Adelphi, Dr. Sternberg is also a clinical supervisor for LIU's doctoral program in clinical psychology. He was a staff psychologist at the Kirby Forensic Psychiatric Center from 1996 to 1999. By Reason of Insanity is based on his experience in that setting. He maintains a private practice in psychoanalysis and clinical and forensic psychology in Hewlett, NY.  

You can learn more about his practice here.

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Our moderator, Bob Raymond, PhD, is a licensed Psychologist in New York and New Jersey and has been in independent practice for over 30 years. 

Dr. Raymond has extensive forensic training and experience. He is qualified as an Expert Witness in New York and New Jersey Family and Superior Courts, and has provided Expert Witness services to the New Jersey Board of Psychological Examiners.

His professional website is :

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